Friday, November 06, 2009

The REAL Mass Murders

Yesterday were the shootings at Fort Hood, today the "Breaking News" is of some shootings in Orlando Florida.

While the Fort Hood and Orlando deaths are unfortunate, the Orlando deaths being local and NOT of national significance, what of mass murderer Barack Obama, who on either day is responsible for far more murders of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere?

How about "Breaking News" alerts every time Bu$hama's storm troopers shoot a five-year-old Afghani child through the eye? Live coverage of the funerals of the wedding party in Pakistan that was annihilated by a predator drone, including repeatedly showing the flower girl's blood-stained gown? Anderson Cooper on the scene while hospice care is given to an Iraqi teenager on the day he was to graduate from high school as he lays dying of cancer caused by depleted uranium?



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