Tuesday, April 06, 2021

No Return To Normal For You!

Another load of manure from Generalissimo Newsom. And by the corporate media through its highly misleading headline, and failure to give any accurate context or perspective in its article--tho to their credit, the Sacramento Bee at least presents enough factoids where the intelligent reader can easily conclude the headline is bunk:

California plans to fully reopen economy in June, aiming to end 15-month COVID restrictions

The headline is almost John Lennonesque, "War Is Over". Many will just look at the headline, "California plans to fully reopen economy in June, aiming to end 15-month COVID restrictions", and not wade through the article.

From the article:
-"Californians will still need to wear masks..."

and get a load of this:
-"The state will continue contact tracing and testing to detect cases early and contain spread of the virus."

Contact Tracing = Total Information Awareness, a topic I covered back on April 26, 2020,

which I have now Posted to my Blog in case the FB Page is taken down:

The facts that the tests are deeply flawed, don't show anything important, and that CV1984 still hasn't been proven to do anything, are of course ignored.

Not a word in the article about Social Isolation, er, "Social Distancing", which suggests that it isn't going away either.

Show Me Your Papers? That's coming, but for now businesses will be blamed:
"The state is not currently planning on so-called vaccine passports, Ghaly said, but business are already exploring how to ensure people who are vaccinated can participate in gatherings and events."

The key words being, "not currently planning", which accurately translated means, "not currently admitting the planning".

Child abuse will continue:
-"Masks will still be required at schools for the foreseeable future, he said."

Yeah, let's continue to deprive those young developing brains of proper oxygen for 6 - 7 hours a day, more if the student has to take a bus.

Of course the article is filled with "qualifiers", making clear that any "lifting" is very temporary and illusory, with the next wave of medical martial law soon to come under the guise of, "the bug mutated", "not enough people got vaxxed", "deaths are up", and all the rest of the lies that got us to this place. Why change the script when so much of the audience is swallowing it whole?


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