Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Everybody Is Always After Kevin Trudeau

Rod at MLM Watchdog asks, "Why Is Everybody Always After Kevin Trudeau", citing the FDA and ABC's John Stossel as examples.

My response:

Because Kevin poses a threat to the pharmaceutical drug cartel. The more his credibility can be damaged, the less people are likely to listen to what he has to say.

As for Stossel, he is a whore. A "whore" being someone that will do anything for money. In contrast, I would define a "prostitute" as a professional that has ethical standards and limits on what they will do for money.

ABC makes millions, over time billions, from the pharmaceutical drug cartel. Stossel is simply, as he always has, serving the interests of his puppetmasters.

If you watch ABC's coverage of the Government Flu sham, you will see that ABC is basically a mouthpiece for the government and Big Pharma. But I repeat myself.

As for the Federal Drug Advocates (FDA), that too is a no-brainer. Big Pharma has the best government money can buy. And the FDA has been on the revolving door payroll for years.



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